Phoenix Martial Arts in Connecticut is the premiere Martial Arts school in South Eastern CT teaching the Martial Arts of

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Filipino Kali, Serrada Escrima, and Indonesian Pentjak Silat.


Phoenix Martial Arts is one of the few true Mixed Martial Arts schools in the area. Phoenix Martial Arts of Connecticut is affiliated with the Magda Institute in California.

Martial Arts in Connecticut
Martial Arts in CT
Martial Arts in CT

 We are the ONLY school in Connecticut to offer

Buka Jalan Pentjak Silat and Serrada Escrima! 


"Becoming a part of Sifu Nate's class was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The group atmosphere is an integral part of the association, everyone is family. Since I have started I have gained so much including my self-confidence, which has grown exponentially. The philosophies of the martial arts we train have also had a positive impact on my life. Through the martial arts, I'm always learning, and always discovering new aspects about myself and others. You never know what you are capable of, until you try"

- Jennifer Schaler

"I first met Sifu Nate years ago. I've learned to defend myself physically, and more importantly I've learned to think my way out of things. I'm honored to be a part of such an amazing organization and eager to see where we go. And hopefully, we can add many more to our family". - Josh Parson

"Sifu Nate was able to adapt and custom tailor an extraordinary system that has proven itself over and over. I had a ton of personal growth with his mix of traditional and modern practices. I enjoy his incites and attention to my personal program. Thank you for folding me into your martial arts family". - Joseph Bruffee

"Sifu Nate is a true seeker of knowledge, a superb representative of Serrada Esrima and an phenomenal martial artist. Anyone looking for a quality Martial Artist with incredible skills and great humility should seek him out!". - Renshi Anthony DiSarro, Senior Instructor in Kosho Kenpo / Serrada Escrima under Hanshi Bruce Juchnik.

“Sifu Nate is a truly amazing teacher. He is welcoming, supportive and has an incredible wealth of knowledge. His teaching style really challenges you to push hard and challenge yourself  within a supportive community environment”

– Beth Anne Moonstone