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Phoenix Martial Arts of Connecticut is the premiere Martial Arts school in Northern CT teaching Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Inosanto/Magda Kali-Escrima,  Cabales Serrada Escrima and Buka Jalan Pentjak Silat.


We are proudly affiliated with the Magda Institute in Los Angeles CA, Phoenix Martial Arts in Long Island NY, Capital District Martial Arts Center in Albany NY and New England Wing Chun in Hamden CT.

Cass Magda CT
Filipino Kali in CT
Wing Chun in CT
meet the staff


Sifu Nathan "Mabilis" Marinone has been in the Martial Arts for over 30 years and has trained extensively in a wide range of Martial Art systems both along the east coast and across the country starting with the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do in 1992. Since then he has been featured in several forms of media (printed/digital) and has taught a wide variety of people from the average man and women, to the business professional, to those in the armed services, along with those with disabilities. He currentky teaches seminars throughout the New England area and has quickly become one of the premier up and coming practitioners on the east coast.​

  • Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali & Buka Jalan Silat under Sifu Greg Pichardo

  • Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Kali under Sifu Eric Wnek

  • Full Instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Ed Chow

  • Intern 2 Instructor in the Magda Institute Association under Sifu Cass Magda

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Serrada Escrima under Guro Anthony Di Sarro

  • Black Sash in Inosanto Blend (JKD/Kali/Silat/Thai) under Guro George Chaber

  • Intermediate 2 in WOTBAG Balintawak under Guro Jon Leonard

  • Journeyman 1 in Catch Wrestling under Coach Mike Migs 




Assistant Instructor Masen Mccane began his study of the Martial Arts in 2020 with Sifu Nathan Marinone. Prior to that, Masen has studied Thai Boxing, Panglipur Silat and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In 2024, Masen received his Lakan (black belt) in Serrada Escrima. In addition, Masen also received the rank of Lima and tittle of Assistant Instructor in the PMA of CT Buka Jalan Silat program.

Apprentice Instructor Jeb Walton began his study of the Martial Arts in 2016 with Sifu Nathan Marinone. In 2024 he received his Black Sash in Filipino Kali and was invited into the Phoenix Martial Arts Instructor program by Sifu Greg Pichardo. In addition to continuing his studies into the Filipino Martial Arts, Jeb also actively trains in Jeet Kune Do and Buka Jalan Silat. He currently teaches Filipino Kali private lessons in Suffield Connecticut. 


"Sifu Nate is a true seeker of knowledge, a superb representative of Serrada Esrima and an phenomenal martial artist. Anyone looking for a quality Martial Artist with incredible skills and great humility should seek him out!".

- Renshi Anthony DiSarro

Senior Instructor in Kosho Kenpo and Serrada Escrima under Hanshi Bruce Juchnik.

“if any of you live in or around Connecticut be sure to pay a visit to Sifu Nate, his martial arts ability and knowledge is second to none!"

– Mike Dwyer

Self Defense Consultant at GKR Karate

"Nate is with out a doubt one of the best martial artists around. He is a true hidden gem with world class talent"

- Guro George Chaber

JKD / Kali / Silat Instructor under Sifu Dan Inosanto and owner of Bethel Academy of Martial Arts

“Sifu Nate is a very talented Instructor with a tremendous amount of knowledge."

– Sa Ba Nim Ron Ortla

4th degree Hapkido Black Belt and owner of The Martial Instinct 

“Great opportunity to learn from an amazing instructor!”

– Sifu Dustin Santomenna

Phoenix Martial Arts of Massachusetts /

BJJ Black Belt

“Sifu Nate is a hard working and uber talented martial artist!”

– Sifu Raffi Derdarian

JKD / Kali Instructor and owner of

Derdarian Academy of Martial Arts

“Sifu Nate is a phenomenal martial artists with a wealth of knowledge!"

– Guro Carlos Castro

JKD / Kali / Silat Instructor under

Sifu Dan Inosanto.

" Everyone had a great time at the seminar. Much respect to your knowledge!"

– Professor Travis Passaro

BJJ Black Belt and Owner of

Radius Martial Arts

"If anyone lives out in Connecticut you should seek out Sifu Nate out. Getting to train and know someone like him is definitely

a privilege."

- Chuck Leverone

5th degree Nick Cerio Kenpo Karate and Owner of Evolving Martial Arts

“Sifu Nate is an excellent Teacher and a lot of fun to train with!"

– Tony Dellechiaie

3rd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do  and

Head Instructor at Britt's Tae Kwon Do

"One of the most knowledgeable Martial Artists I ever met. He knows so much of so many different styles and more importantly can demonstrate them. "

- Sifu Greg Pichardo

Phoenix Martial Arts Head Instructor

“A wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm!”

– Master Frank Shekosky

Remy Preseas Senior Student and Owner of Cromwell Martial Arts.

“Thanks again Sifu, it was an outstanding experience and you definitely know your material. Your skills are exceptional!”

– Master Patrick Cassidy

4th degree black belt in the Jo-Ryu-Jujitsu system and owner of Westover School of Self Defense

“Sifu Nate is an amazing Martial Artists and Teacher!"

– David North-Martino

Free lance writer / author and  Black Belt

“Sifu Nate is a fine instructor with attention to detail, articulation and body mechanics. He can move and explain the how and why of it”

–  Tuhon Jack Latorre

Pekiti Tersia Kali Tuhon /

Head Instructor at PTI Academy

"GO! Great people and great work out....the execution discipline is right on the money."

- Mark Vincent McKenney

Aikido Instructor

“I am so very proud of the work your doing and cant wait to be instructed by one of the premier guro’s in the Filipino arts have to offer.

– Sa Ba Nim Myron Levy

3rd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and owner of Elite Tae Kwon Do

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860-306-0425  |

Enfield, Connecticut 06082

Enrollment is currently by invitee only, with interviews available only through referral.

Feel free to contact us for more information.


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