Phoenix Martial Arts of Connecticut is the premiere 

Martial Arts school in South Eastern CT teaching Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian Martial Arts.


Phoenix Martial Arts of CT is affiliated with the 

Magda Institute in California, Phoenix Martial Arts in NY,

New England Wing Chun in CT and the DiSarro Serrada club in NY.

Martial Arts in Connecticut
Martial Arts in CT
Martial Arts in CT

“if any of you live in or around Connecticut be sure to pay a visit to Sifu Nate, his martial arts ability and knowledge is second to none!"

– Mike Dwyer, Self Defense Consultant at GKR Karate

"Sifu Nate is a true seeker of knowledge, a superb representative of Serrada Esrima and an phenomenal martial artist. Anyone looking for a quality Martial Artist with incredible skills and great humility should seek him out!". - Renshi Anthony DiSarro, Senior Instructor in Kosho Kenpo and Serrada Escrima under Hanshi Bruce Juchnik.

“Sifu Nate is a truly amazing teacher. He is welcoming, supportive and has an incredible wealth of knowledge. His teaching style really challenges you to push hard and

challenge yourself.

– Beth Anne Moonstone, Strength Coach / Owner Be Awesome Be Strong Fitness

"Nate is with out a doubt one of the best martial artists around. He is a true hidden gem w world class talent"

- Guro George Chaber, renowned JKD / Kali / Silat Instructor and

owner of Bethel Academy of Martial Arts

"I have recently joined Phoenix Martial Arts  due to a recommendation of a family member who has ...been a student for a while. The atmosphere of the group has made transitioning into a student incredibly easy and has made the learning experience that much more enjoyable.The training is thorough and in depth. I highly recommend indulging in a showcase of this martial art and sitting in on one of the classes."

- Adria Gilbert, Registered Nurse