Seminars / Workshops

Our Exciting Seminars & Workshops can bring Sifu Nate’s extensive knowledge and charismatic teaching style to any school, gym, company, organization or group.


Topics are always tailor made according to the host’s needs.

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"When I first became interested in martial arts training, my primary concern was learning how to defend myself. Under Sifu Nate's tutelage, I've come to realize that the experience has given me so much more than that.

Whether it's through the new levels of confidence, self-control and adaptability I've developed as a result of my training, the wisdom imparted by the philosophy that underlies the arts, or the deep insight into the various cultures and people that developed the systems that we now learn, what I've learned during my time with Phoenix Martial Arts has spilled over into other aspects of my life and has resulted in nothing but positive change.

My training partners at Phoenix have also become some of my closest friends, and are always supportive and eager to help me push my skills to the next level. Through the network of great martial artists that Sifu Nate has developed, we've had the opportunity to travel to Boston, New York and Rhode Island to meet and train with some of the greatest minds our styles have to offer.

As for my original goal, that of self-defense, I feel that Sifu Nate's instruction has provided me with the skills, strategy and mindset to protect myself if need be in a variety of different, dangerous and unpredictable scenarios.

I would highly recommend training at Phoenix Martial Arts, it is a truly unique martial arts experience".

- Tom Relihan, Professional Journalist

I recently started studying with Sifu Nate. He is a knowledgeable, patient, skilled and fun teacher. He spends the time to work on your weaknesses and bring you along in a logical way.

– John Young

His passion for the martial arts is undoubtedly the driving force behind his unique style of teaching, one which I have certainly benefited and learned a great deal from. His unwavering ambition and knowledgeable approach set the stage for what always promises to be a different and thought provoking session each and every time, and his willingness to meet each person where they are at, regardless of their skill level further highlights his humble attitude and honest respect towards the students as well as the arts.


A true warrior of wisdom when it comes to the realms which hold the martial arts, one whose efforts afford no less than the highest of recommendations".


- Austin Derosiers, English Teacher