About the Instructor

Sifu Nathan "Mabilis" Marinone has been in the Martial Arts for close to 30 years and has privately trained under some of the top instructors along the East Coast.

He has been featured in several forms of media (newspaper, book and digital) and actively teaches seminars thru out the year at various schools in the New England area. He has had the opportunity to teach a wide range of people from the average man/women to the business professional to those in the armed services as well as to those who have disabilities.

He is one of very few individuals in the United States to be selected to teach under the Magda Institute program, headed by world renowned Martial Arts Instructor,

Sifu Cass Magda.


Sifu Nate holds Instructor credentials in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali-Escrima and Indonesian Pentjak Silat directly under Sifu Cass Magda and his M.I. East Coast Director, Sifu Greg Pichardo of Phoenix Martial Arts and is the official Connecticut representative for both the Magda Institute and Phoenix Martial Arts.

He is also the only individual in the state of Connecticut to hold a "Lakan Isa"

(black belt) in Grand Master Angel Cabales West Coast art of Serrada Escrima,

under Hanshi Bruce Juchnik (Cabales original student) and Guro Anthony Di Sarro. 

Sifu Nate also holds a Black Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu under GM Leung Ting

1st generation student, Sifu Ed Chow (Chow Chong Ying) and is the South East CT representative for his school New England Wing Chun.

In addition, Sifu Nate also holds the rank of Journeyman-1 in Catch Wrestling under Coach Mike Miggs of Snake Pit New England.

"Nate is with out a doubt one of the best martial artists around. He is a true hidden gem w world class talent"

- Guro George Chaber, renowned JKD / Kali / Silat Instructor

"We are all very lucky to have you as part of our Phoenix / MIA families. Your spirit and dedication is inspiring to everyone."

- Sifu Greg Pichardo, Phoenix Martial Arts Head Instructor

"If anyone lives out in Connecticut you should seek out Sifu Nate out. Getting to train and know someone like him is definitely a privilege."

- Chuck Leverone, 5th degree Nick Cerio Kenpo Karate / Head Instructor at Evolving Martial Arts

“Sifu Nate is a hard working and uber talented martial artist!”

– Sifu Raffi Derdarian, renowned JKD / Kali Instructor

“Sifu Nate is an excellent Teacher and a lot of fun to train with!"

– Tony Dellechiaie, 3rd degree Tae Kwon Do Instructor at

Britt's Tae Kwon Do

"GO! Great people and great work out....the execution discipline is right on the money."

- Mark Vincent McKenney, Aikido Instructor